The services cannot be used in a feverish condition. The service provider can check the fever. Due to the risk of the COVID-19 virus, those with symptoms of upper respiratory tract disease or a coronavirus should not be eligible for the service. In addition, in times of virus danger, services and treatments can only be used in a mouth mask that also covers the nose.

If you are affected by any of the following conditions, please do not use our services without consulting your doctor in advance, and please inform us about your condition before receiving any treatment:

  • you have any electronic medical device (e.g. pacemaker), metal, or metal prosthetics in your body

  • heart condition (e.g. cardiac insufficiency, sever arrhythmia)

  • fragile skeletal structure (in particular around the spine), osteoporosis

  • post-operative condition, varicose veins, hernia

  • pregnancy, post-natal period, first days of menses

  • unusual physical symptom, receiving medical treatment

  • limb or spine related problem or deformity

  • spine-related problem or herniated disk caused by illness or accident

  • acute infection or fever

  • damaged or injured skin, skin-disease, wounds, eczema, blisters, peeling

  • seriously high blood pressure, thrombosis, malignant tumour

  • recent traumatic or brain damage, epilepsy

  • under the influence of any psychoactive substance, unstable psychological functions

  • allergy to oil or peanut (when receiving oil massage)

  • photosensitivity, photosensitizers food, medicine (at laser treatment)

  • tattoo (at laser treatment)

In addition to the above, massage is contraindicated in asthma, atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, reflex dystrophy syndrome, anticoagulants, lymphomas, hemophilia, etc, among others. It is also contraindicated the treatment and service under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Predict the wart and mole in the treatment area in advance!

Note: keep any swollen or inflamed part away from massage. Do not go to a massage session with a full stomach.

Certain medications (eg antibiotics), cosmetics, essential oils (eg lemon oil) may cause photosensitivity, which should be avoided at laser treatment. Some foods also contain photosensitizers (furacumarin), such as celery, parsley, soy, papaya, chilli sauce, spinach, leeks, and so on.