About us

About us

Our massage studio is located in the Corvin district of Budapest, easily accessible by public transport where we offer traditional Thai massage and  welcome our guests.
We are an ethical massage studio. What does that mean for you? Our relaxed and professional masseuses are the best possibly in tune with your needs. We work with organic, vegan oils that are free of any animal testing.  Our oil massages are guaranteed to exceed your expectations due to the unique quality of our oils even  as a beauty treatment — so you will get two high quality services for the price of one treatment.

MEDI-THAI’s masseurs are highly qualified professionals who are committed  to providing the highest quality, personalized massage at affordable prices.

MEDI-THAI is not an average Thai massage salon, for us  tradition and science go hand in hand, support each other. Just for example, we use a special massage mattress that has a face cut, so that the neck is not distorted during a back massage. We deliver  purified, filtered air to the head, which is passed through a special Himalayan salt bed, so that the Thai massage is a unique experience with a Himalayan salt therapy as a gift with your Thai massage. Salt therapy alone is also an effective, natural remedy for a number of medical complaints. Himalayan salt wall with a mysterious glow in our VIP massage cabin awaits our guests, offering an almost 4D massage experience.

Our philosophy

“Mens sana in corpore sano / A healthy body in a healthy soul” is a Latin proverb from Roman times. How true is this, even vice versa, but we have to do something about it!
We believe that man has to be seen as a whole and treated as one. In Eastern cultures, meditation, maintenance of the soul and maintenance of the body
are in integral harmony. In our Western culture, we also call this a holistic approach, and it would be good to incorporate as much Eastern wisdom as possible into our rushing Western lives.

Thai massage is effective for both body and soul — our aim is to bring a touch of summer to the lives of those who visit us, and to give the gift of  a kind of renewed  dynamism and a balanced inner harmony
With a dedicated service of a very high quality and  with our still affordable prices, Medi-Thai Massage also has a professional background. It can be complemented with physiotherapy treatments in cases where the treatment is not only for wellbeing but also for musculoskeletal, muscular problems or recovery. We have observed that physiotherapy and massage have a mutually reinforcing effect, and a synergistic relationship. Following these insights — perhaps for the first time in Europe — we offer these services together, giving the possibility of these shared treatments at the same place. This is not compulsory, of course, just a very useful option. Our aim is to ensure that our returning patients could feel that their bodies are functioning properly again.

Our beautiful, personalised gift vouchers are also available and can be purchased in advance at our reception desk or via electronic gift vouchers, which we will send to a named recipient after the transfer.will be sent to you by e-mail.

For more information, please call +3620-50-70-002 or e-mail info@medi-thai.com. Our  address is: 1085 Budapest, Csepreghy u. 2.



Volunteering is the most important feature of the tip, so of course you don't have to "tip". Our employees are paid fairly. However, if you are satisfied with the massage, afterwards it is a normal and nice gesture to give a tip to the masseuse. It is good to know...

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MEDI-THAI is also a surgery, so keeping to the dates, changing treatments and organizing treatment tools require more European accuracy from the guests. The rooms and common areas are both traditional and modern, but not spacious, reminiscent of a modern Mini Morris....

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Where can you find us?

12 Csepreghy St. 1085 Budapest


Mon-Sat: 10 am to 9 pm, at a pre-arranged time.

Appointment required: +36 20 50 70 002

MEDI-THAI GPS coordinates: 47°29’18.348 “N,19°04’06.371 “E

Address: 1085 Budapest (district VIII, Palotanegyed), Csepreghy u. 2. (corner of Mária utca) – 2nd doorbell, 2nd floor

Telephone (booking is always necessary): +36 20 50 70 002

When making an appointment, please give your name, telephone number and the service you are planning to provide.
Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early.


Those arriving on Csepreghy Street can enter from József körút, after Baross street. Those arriving by car should be aware of parking difficulties. Parking is free and mostly hassle-free on weekends. On weekdays between 8:00 and 20:00, there is a charge (currently 440 HUF/hour), but this gives you the opportunity to actually find a space, as spaces will rotate faster.
To pay for parking by mobile phone, call 06 20/30/70 763 3081.

Due to the proximity of the Clinics (eye, dermatology, obstetrics, oral surgery), it is difficult to find a space nearby during the morning hours on weekdays. Parking in the areas on the other side of József körút (e.g. Nap utca, Práter utca) is currently 265 HUF/hour and you must pay only from 8:00 to 18:00. In the nearby  Corvin Plaza car park (just 10 minutes), the 1st hour is free of chargeand  each additional hour is HUF 250. The easiest way to reach this car park is via Ferenc körút/József körút, Práter utca, Futó utca. Leave the Plaza on foot in the direction of Corvin Cinema, József körút.

MEDI-THAI is very well served by public transport, so it is worth reading on:

As all three metro lines (2, 3, 4), bus 9, trolleybus 83 and the very frequent tram 4-6 are close by, it is a good idea to leave your car at one of the metro stops. Within walking distance is metro 3 Corvin-negyed stop, metro 4 Rákóczi tér stop (or 1 more stop with 4-6), 10 minutes walk to Kálvin tér and about 10 minutes walk to metro 2 Blaha Lujza tér stop (2 stops with 4-6, get off at Harminckettesek tere). Trams 28, 28A, 37, 37A, 62, trams 5, 7, 7E, 8E, 108E, 110, 112, 133E, 178 buses. Tram 4-6 is close to Boráros tér, where tram 2, buses 23E, 223M, 212, 54 and the HÉV (or the replacement) run.


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