MEDI-THAI is also a surgery, so keeping to the dates, changing treatments and organizing treatment tools require more European accuracy from the guests. The rooms and common areas are both traditional and modern, but not spacious, reminiscent of a modern Mini Morris. It is not possible to just “set it up”, pre-registration is required in all cases. In each case, we create an invoice for which the basic data must be provided (at least for the first time), although we only check them in the case of company data. The treatments are more effective on a warmed body, for which a warm-up movement of 1-3 minutes is sufficient. This is optionally available with an Air Bike (sweating is not allowed because it impairs the effectiveness of the treatment).

But MEDI-THAI is not one of many from a technical point of view. Unlike other salons, the guest’s neck doesn’t curl up and hurt when he lies on his stomach and his back is massaged. The mattresses have a facial cut-out under which filtered air is passed and the filtered air is passed through a Himalayan salt bed with an industrial property protected solution. The VIP cabin also offers a unique 4D massage experience that can be considered a massage experience that affects four senses. Unlike many, oil massage does not use petroleum derivatives, but uses at least 90% organic vegetable oil, which also nourishes the skin.